Live Events

There is always something to do at Club Capri!

Be sure to come in to see some great musical acts, and enjoy  our food and drink specials!

Take a look at our list of upcoming events, or check out our full events calendar:

Events Calendar

Upcoming Events


2nd Priceless Live 9pm
3rd Jotown 8pm
8th No Kid Without a Christmas Wine and Beer Tasting
w/ Chris Meldrum 7pm 

9th Meldrum Brothers 8:30pm
10th Steelhead Band 8pm
16th Meldrum Brothers 8:30pm
17th Priceless Live 9pm
21st Thanksgiving Eve with Meldrum Brothers 8:30 PM
23rd Meldrum Brothers 8:30 PM
24th Eastside Jazz Quartet 8pm
30th Meldrum Brothers 8:30pm


1st Jotown 8pm
7th Kindle Kings 8pm
8th Steelhead Band 8pm
14th Meldrum Brothers 8:30pm
15th Living Rumors 8pm
21st Meldrum Brothers 8:30pm
22nd Priceless Live 9pm
28th Meldrum Brothers 8:30pm
29th Eastside Jazz Quartet 8pm
31st New Years Eve with the Meldrum Brothers 9pm

*Every Monday: Buy A Large Pizza, Get A Free Pasta
*Every Tuesday: Buy A Large Pizza, Get a Free Antipasto Salad